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International workshop on


Comenius 2.1 project [129543-CP-1-2006]
Hotel Katy, via Flavio Gioia 12 – Viareggio (Italy)
23 September 2009

9:00 Welcome addresses
Luca Lunardini, Mayor of Viareggio
Piero Paolicchi, University of Pisa – CAFRE, President
Donatella Buonriposi, School Office of the Province of Lucca, Headmaster

Teacher mobility throughout Europe

9:30 The European Commission policies and the LLP programme
Jean-Michel Boullier, EC – EACEA, Head of the Comenius Sector

9:50 The actions managed by the LLP National Agency
Fiora Imberciadori, LLP Italian Agency, Coordinator

10:10 Teacher mobility for disciplinary teaching innovation
Giuseppe Marucci, Italian Ministry of Education, Executive Inspector

10:45 Coffee break

The “Making Mathematics Teachers Mobile” project

11:00 Project main products and outcomes
Franco Favilli, University of Pisa, Project Coordinator
and the Project Team (Universities of Vienna, Lillebaelt-Skaarup, Paris 12-IUFM Créteil, Prague)
11:45 Project evaluation and relevance
Leo Rogers, University of Oxford, Project Evaluator

12:00 Discussion

12:30 Lunch break

Workshop on Mathematics Teachers’ Mobility

13:30 Workshop activities, in groups
  • Teaching Maths in a Foreign Language (Questionnaires)
  • Textbooks
  • Toolbox
  • Training courses
  • Teachers' reports

15:30 Feedback from the groups and general discussion

16:30 Closing speech
Paolo Miccoli, University of Pisa, Vice-Rector for relations with the EC

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