Czech preparation course for teachers’ mobility

The two-semester pre-service teacher training course is opened to students from the second year of their studies. It consists of
  • graded lesson observation with the aim to master subject specific vocabulary and classroom teacher talk;
  • plenary discussion based on participants’ experience (observing video recordings of mathematics lessons conducted in English, visit to bilingual schools);
  • participants’ work with a variety of textbooks and teaching materials in comparison with similar materials in the mother tongue (L1); the aim is to get awareness of the specificity of expressing the subject matter in L2 with regard to the age and language competence of the students, and possible obstacles based partly on L1 and L2 interference and partly on the relation of the subject matter and background knowledge of the target language community;
  • participants’ individual work with the aim to master subject specific vocabulary in the textbook context and to revise and enlarge lexical items related to classroom teacher talk;
  • discussion with an experienced practising teacher;
  • preparation of short peer-teaching sessions (description of lesson aim, objectives and stages: presentation, practice, problem solving etc.);
  • micro-teaching of peers with immediate and delayed feedback (analysis and plenary discussion based on filling in scribble sheets for each session), teacher trainers’ lesson description and feedback – observation checklist.

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