Use of working tools in foreign languages

In all scientific subjects it is advisable to give the pupils some tools in the foreign language(s) which are taught in class (texts, instructions for use, pictures with captions, maps, websites…) insofar as the language level of these tools matches the students’ standards.

Using such tools apart from language courses turns to good account the foreign language competences and develops them because it increases the length of time during which the foreign language is part of the intellectual activity of the pupil.

Such process motivates the pupils for language learning because it illustrates their practical interest. The presence of a foreign language in other subjects opens up new cultural horizons.

This use of tools doesn’t require the mastery of the foreign language by the teachers of other subjects. They are not supposed to take in charge a part of the teaching of foreign languages.

At the beginning of the school year the teacher of foreign language and the teachers of scientific subjects choose the tools which seem pertinent as far as the subject and the language are concerned.

The pupils achieve in the foreign language course the vocabulary and the structures which are necessary for the comprehension of each tool in order to continue the activities with another teacher without his linguistic assistance.

After the use of the tool in a subject which is carrying on with his proper aims, the language teacher can ask the class to make various oral or written reports about the activity they have done and reuse it according to his aims in matter of language learning process.

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